We want to support the job to be done and ensure success in all possible ways. Out of our mission grew We Land – an office building created with high service culture and open-house thinking.

the job to be done

One of the key factors of high job satisfaction and efficiency is smooth working without any unintentional interruptions, since different work requires different spaces. A company’s life cycle can rapidly alter the space demands one way or another. Therefore, the conventional lease model requires updating. The We Land Membership Model matches the companies’ space demands to their life cycle situation ensuring that the services support the job to be done.

as in a hotel

Hospitality depends on people and services. The Concierge fulfils even the strictest demands, and the everyday luxury good service can bring both to the lobby and the workplace atmosphere also increases the spaces’ recognition among the residents of the area.We Land is developed based on high service promise.


Open house thinking means that the spaces must not be made for one target group, or out of the demands of working life only, and that there must be a reason for them to exist for the people living and working in the area, also during the evenings and weekends. This is how a living and breathing atmosphere is created; one that will bring an inspiring working culture to the entire area 24/7.

As green
as possible

The value set in the We Land Community includes all matters common to us in which we trust and which we want to follow across company borders. Everyone is given the opportunity to promote sustainability in their daily choices and to encourage others to do the same. The basic choices influencing sustainability are already made by us for the tenants. For example, we know how to encourage ethical behaviour in the restaurant or when making choices related to mobility. We Land is aiming for the the BREEAM environmental classification level Outstanding.

We Land Ruoholahti neighborhood.


Ruoholahti is a workplace area for 19,000 people. To date, already 20% of Helsinki’s head offices are located in Ruoholahti.

The office building is located next to the rapidly growing Jätkäsaari area and the city’s international Länsisatama western harbour. The vicinity of Länsiväylä, Helsinki’s main western artery, the culture center Cable Factory as well as the growing Maria 01 Start-Up and Scale-Up incubator in the immediate vicinity of Ruoholahti, together with ‘House of Dance’ and the development projects of the Bunker make Ruoholahti a highly attractive area.

Ruoholahti is the perfect location for companies that want to be in the middle of a growing urban environment while having an easy access to culture and technology.

We Land Ruoholahti neighborhood.
  • Metro
  • Salmisaari Sports Centre
  • House of Dance
  • Tram
  • Cable Factory
  • Shopping Centre


We Land is located on Porkkalankatu street in Ruoholahti district of Helsinki. It has excellent connectivity by public transport, bicycle and car. The city centre is 3 kilometres away.

  • BIKE
    1 minute to the nearest city bike point
    13 minutes to Helsinki central market place
    6 minutes’ walk to Ruoholahti metro station
    6 minutes’ ride on metro to Helsinki Central Railway Station
  • TRAM
    2 minutes to nearest tram stop
    56 minutes by public transport
    30 minutes by car


Take a look at We Land's spaces floor by floor. Download all floor plans in Materials section Architect layout.

1st floor
Meet and eat in
Open Land

Open Land includes an open lobby, the Event Land as well as the restaurants and cafés which are open to all just like the Co Land spaces are. The 14th floor panoramic restaurant, the lobby café and the four restaurants are built to complement the service offering. The purpose is to set up three concepts of international cuisine with 50 seats each as an alternative to the basic lunch restaurant concept which serves quality home-cooked-type dishes with high throughput.

1st floor

2nd floor
Work and meet in
Co Land

Co Land has two functions. It consists of a co-working area and a conference centre. Both sections are in the shared use of the entire house and the area as per the Membership Model. The co-working operators have different membership levels and spaces on offer. Co Land’s own kitchens and conference rooms are available to all members. The basic values of the co-working operator at We Land comply with the We Land philosophy. The most important task is to support successful work and to guarantee a good community spirit and services not only for the tenants on the house, but also for other people living, working and strolling in the area. We strive at the highest possible degree of sustainability in everything we do.

2nd floor

Floors 3-13
Work in
Office Land

We Land’s spaces are flexible, energy efficient, capacious and full of light. Floors 3-6 have efficient open planning solutions. Floors 7-13 offer compact spaces with fabulous views. The office floors allow placing different size offices on the floors with 670 to 2,400 square metres of floor area. The seaside city tower houses workplaces for 70 people. The premises down below have lots of space and excellent working conditions for 250 people.

Floors 3-13

14th floor
Land of Glory

The breathtaking scenery opening to the Ruoholahti Bay from the Land of Glory on the roof offer the perfect setting for different events and private occasions. Despite the heavenly atmosphere, the Land of Glory is as green as the floors below. The panoramic restaurant will be operated by a company that can use the full potential offered by the fascinating views backed up with a delicious menu.

14th floor

Social Membership

We Land Membership is signed with a professional partner who knows the trends and operating principles of the services. We Land allows every company or resident to decide on the level of sociability they deem fit:

Semi social in We Land

Regular customers of the building who have their own spaces there, but also the right to use the spaces at Co Land as per the Membership Model.

Social in We Land

Social in We Land on Co-Working is a member who uses the Co Land spaces and services on the second floor on the same conditions as the regular tenants.

Super Social in We Land

Super Social in We Land is either a regular tenant or a co-worker who has acquired the Super Social in We Land user profile. This person is a real community builder in the house who arranges events and happenings to benefit the entire community and takes and active role as an administrator of the We Land Community. Super Social in We Land members have a desk of their own, and they have their own Super Social events. Their pioneering spirit is to bring together even the shyer ones, so everybody can actively participate in the happenings.






Office space

18000 m2

Floor sizes

7302400 m2

Catering area

1700 m2

Coworking seats


Bike parkings, part with charging point


Car parkings, all with charging


BREEAM Environmental rating, targeted standard



above/below ground level


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WE LAND Concept Book EN
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Our team

We Land is created as a result of team work. We are glad to help you in all matters related to We Land. Contact us!

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Property Development
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