What if there was a way of running your errands during the workday and making the day go overall smoother? A whole new service to be found nowhere else will be launched in We Land, an office building developed by NCC in Ruoholahti, Helsinki. But why, and who? Let us take a closer look.

We Land raises the bar for the lobby service and other service concepts of office buildings. Its high service culture offers an alternative to self-service and other conventional service models, introducing Charlie, a new concierge-type service concept to make working life more enjoyable.

”Concierge means a trusted person to take care of things. At We Land, it basically means that there is an easily approachable person in the house to take care of all kinds of matters on the employees’ behalf. This person is like the good old janitor or a trusted friend,” Service Director Jussi Lehtinen of NCC’s partner company European Concierge Service Oy says.

At NCC, similar service concept was named Charlie. ”This means that services can be made available on the property, other than the ones immediately related to the building or work. The services are there to relax the workday worries, to bring warmth and easiness to the employees’ lives. Charlie will handle it, no matter the request,” NCC Senior Developer Heikki Alén says.

A warm heart brings smile on your face

Charlie can be trusted with many other errands in addition to the usual lobby services and work-related matters. You can turn to them whenever you need to arrange a customer event or transportation, change a light bulb, fix the computer or order catering service, surprise the team, send birthday flowers to your mother during the workday, have the car washed, change the tyres, obtain tickets to a concert or an ice-hockey match or deliver laundry to the dry cleaner’s.

Charlie will take care of all this – and much more.

”The purpose of taking the lobby service to a new level is to get everything running more smoothly in the everyday life: somebody else handles your business for you with calmness and discretion. The overall impression is that Charlie is the beating heart of the house owing to whom everyone will know what happens and how things are handled,” Alén establishes.

”At We Land you arrive at the reception, which is cosy as your home, but at the same time offers an experience as in a five-star hotel. Charlie is a spiritual resource, a friendly person with good professional competence and language skills who is always helpful, discreet and on top of the situation. Charlie brings a smile on your face,” Lehtinen adds.

Charlie builds community spirit

Where service is needed, Charlie picks up the speed and makes things happen. This means also having the proper resources to handle the situation. Not only is this a question about neat buildings or impressive architecture, but also about managing missions both large and small with a can-do attitude.

”New kinds of services have gained importance during the pandemic as the employees have adopted remote work. People still need to get together, even more so than before, which they will expect also of their working environment. Charlie builds community spirit, thereby creating a draw to the workplace. This is also important to maintaining talent and recruitment. When there is a strong feeling of belonging, there is reason to be part of a great team,” Alén summarises.

”In We Land we can offer services that make the employees feel special,” Lehtinen confirms.

Focus on your life and performance

The services offered by Charlie are priced based on the floor area as is usually the case with lobby services. The services are adapted to the employees’ demands. The service package contains services to companies wishing to have different kinds of administrative and other errands run for them as the demand arises.

”We Land is not about working nine-to-five; we provide comprehensive service to meet the needs of today’s working life. While Charlie handles many kinds of daily errands related to work and private life, the personnel can sit back and focus on their own work,” Alén says.

What is Charlie?

  • Charlie is a concierge, a trusted person to take care of things. The word ’concierge’ comes originally from French.
  • At We Land, Charlie adapts flexibly to the ever changing situations, such as rush hours etc.
  • Along with the traditional lobby services Charlie helps companies with the arrangement of all kinds of events from programme to catering inside and out We Land.
  • Charlie lends themselves to many different purposes, during the workday they can swiftly run the errands of several employees of the house.
  • Charlie means that all services are only a phone call away.
  • Charlie helps each employee manage their daily tasks and makes the day go as smoothly as possible.

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