”Finnish properties attract investments from both domestic and international real estate  investment companies. The attractive power is at its strongest in the growth centres that are located in appealing areas and are best served by traffic connections,” Head of NCC Property Development Finland Pertti Bergström says.

NCC Property Development develops and sells commercial properties in chosen Nordic markets. Our activity is focused on office and retail development projects that represent the main trends currently prevailing in the real estate business, such as sustainable development.

“As a sustainable property developer we want to be one of the top players in the business. For example, we offer new solutions for cutting down the energy consumption and carbon footprint and increasing recycling of materials. Property investors are also interested in the quality of construction and making the spaces modifiable for new ways of working,” Bergström continues.

“As a property developer we must make sure the targets are met through the building regulations in the best possible way and that our development sites correspond to our customers’ future demands and requirements, such as their expectations for the rent level, profits and development potential.”

Best prospects for the future

NCC Property Development is a highly experienced, high-quality major international company with an extensive networking capability. Our operations are reliable, and we are constantly improving them. Since property development is a long process, we want to provide our customers with the best positive prospects for the future.

”As a property developer we are an internationally renowned company. We collect data systematically, following the megatrends and developing office and retail spaces not only to meet the requirements for workable infrastructure, but also the investors’ criteria for a site’s attractive power,” Bergström emphasises.

A property developer must know the geographical areas and the kind of properties where our customers want their workplaces to be found in five-to-ten years’ time. In Bergström’s opinion, both domestic and overseas real estate investors are now interested, above all, in the greater Helsinki area, Turku and Tampere. When an area is appealing and served by good traffic connections, it will attract investments.

Finland is a rather stable country for making investments

During the recent years especially the share of overseas investors has grown in Finland, which has revived the Finnish real estate market. In 2018, already 60-70% of all transactions were concluded by overseas real estate investors. Helsinki area accounted already for 60% of the property investments.

Bergström sees no differences in the reasons of domestic and overseas investors, since  investor interest depends on the same factors such as a little higher net profit level compared to the other countries of reference, good financial standing, liquidity, stability of business environment, safety, transparency and responsibility of operation.

“We are eagerly and carefully monitoring any changes in the global economy. We are listening to our customers and willing to learn more all the time, developing new sites to meet the property investor’s demands and business trends. Finland is considered a safe country for investment, and the Finnish real estate market is still developing in a rather steady manner,” Bergström establishes.

Interesting properties for investors

The office spaces, business premises and retail sites create feelings, reflect the spirit of our time and connect to the existing cityscape. Today we must also make reserves for electric cars and the growing opportunities of light traffic.

”One of our current flagship projects is Fredriksberg at Vallila, Helsinki where the old workshop atmosphere meets city life and business in a trendy way. Excellent location and attractive power are the features also characteristic of Hatsina in the Leppävaara district of Espoo which combines a new office environment, retail services and spare time activities in a unique way.  Likewise, Next in Keilaniemi in Espoo is already waiting for new success stories, and We Land in Ruoholahti, Helsinki offers extravagant spaces for international companies and head offices,” Bergström says.


Further information

Petri Bergström
Head of NCC Property Development Finland, tel. 050 331 4602