NCC has prepared indicative designs in support of the detailed plan alteration pending for the
Ruoholahti area to build headquarters-level office buildings in collaboration with the City of
Helsinki, JKMM Architects and other operators and tenants of the area. As a result, an office
concept was created that essentially combines a high service level with open services
accessible also to other operators and residents of the area.

The first building will be placed in the F. A. Fagerholm Square where the tram turning track
is located, and the second one in the Neste service station plot.

The mission in the conceptual design phase was to upgrade the Ruoholahti area to one of the
most attractive headquarters areas in Helsinki and to bring a lively and accessible atmosphere
and an inspiring working and living culture in the entire area 24/7.

Open to all, all-inclusive service at We Land
The first development of We Land offers event spaces of many different sizes to everybody,
including four different restaurants for eating lunch and dinner, each of them with an
individual concept of its own. The 14 th floor panoramic restaurant creates an extravagant
setting for culinaristic enjoyment. The service level is high as in a hotel, with services to
bring everyday luxury also to the employees and the residents of the area.

Supporting the job to be done and green values
Avoiding involuntary interruptions is the most significant individual factor to feeling
comfortable and empowered at work. We want to guarantee this by offering different spaces
for different type of work. We Land will adapt to companies’ life-cycle demands for space
making sure the services support the job being done.

– We will do our utmost to support working and achieving success at work. Out of these
demands grew We Land – a house created with a high service culture and transparency to
support networking, Senior Developer Heikki Alén of NCC Property Development states.

We Land is planned to be built by the strictest BREEAM standards of Outstanding. We Land
no longer considers the environment purely in technical terms, but also involves the tenants
of the house to participate in sustainable activity by their daily choices.

An investment decision for the project will be applied for prior to the estimated date to begin
construction during 2020. The targeted completion of We Land first phase is in 2022.

In figures

First phase of We Land, F. A. Fagerholm Square 
2,500 workplaces

22,500 floor area sq. m.
450 bicycle parking spaces, partially with charging
200 car parking spaces, all with charging, alternate parking arrangement

Second phase, Neste service station plot
2,000 workplaces
19,000 floor area sq. m.
400 bicycle parking spaces, partially with charging
200 car parking spaces, all with charging, alternate parking arrangement

Further information:
Heikki Alén, Senior Developer, NCC Property Development, tel. +358 40 567 6619,
Teemu Rämö, Head of Sales and Business Development, NCC Property Development, tel.
+358 40 776 7191,

NCC: Our vision is to renew the industry and provide superior sustainable solutions. NCC is
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