NCC presents the user-oriented Urban Sense service concept at the RecoTech event. By the concept NCC wants to create an urban user experience and to test digital solutions in co-operation with its partner network. The results will be applied to smoothen up the daily routines of the building’s end users.

NCC Property Development responds to the change that is happening in the client’s everyday life and ways of working by making the end users themselves part of the design input data. ”We want to build spaces to support the client’s everyday life,” Eelis Rytkönen of NCC Property Development says.


Picture: Urban Developer Eelis Rytkönen will present the Urban Sense concept at RecoTech jointly with Antti Pitkänen of Agile Work on 20 November 2019.

The digital user experience development for the We Land office construction to be launched in Ruoholahti in 2022 started this autumn. The concept is created in co-operation with a large number of experts and by interviewing the users. ”There are 20 participants in the project: the lift supplier, lobby services, architects and many more. The end user will be able to benefit from a wide range of services,” Rytkönen says.

Ideas driven by agile piloting

NCC innovates new digital user experiences in collaboration with start-up companies. ”NCC’s testing culture and can-do attitude open doors to fast piloting and head starts,” says with gratitude Antti Pitkänen of Agile Work who facilitates We Land’s Urban Sense workshops and the concept development work for creating digital services.

”Fostering a culture of trust and transparency and the ability to involve minor prop-tech players in the innovation of user paths will work for the customer’s best,” says Pitkänen.

Three weeks from meeting to demonstration

RecoTech offers an opportunity to watch a demonstration set up together with the latest start-up partner Skandal Technology. Co-operation between NCC and Skandal Tech advanced in just three weeks from establishment of the initial contact to the birth of a piloting concept to be demonstrated to the public. ”At RecoTech we will show an example on how the use of a space to be controlled by lights will provide event visitors with intuitive assistance. Ambient Communication uses lights that respond to the visitor count at a lunch restaurant and enables to guide the visitors to the queue at an opportune moment,” founder of Skandal Tech Tapio Rosenius describes.

Eelis Rytkönen is fascinated by solutions for controlling the real-time experience of a person moving about in a building. He is currently looking for suitable partners for the Urban Sense concept. ”We are all ears when it comes to digital innovations to support circular economy, increase the efficiency of property operation and prolong the life cycle of properties,” says Rytkönen.

New technology adds value to old buildings and infrastructure

Skandal Tech’s solution is based on natural human behaviour. Small investments can considerably increase the efficiency of operating old buildings and infrastructure. ”We are currently piloting on a light guide system steering the passengers from the platform to railway cars with empty seating capacity with a train operator in London. The solution enables improving both the passenger experience and the efficient use of train capacity. The target is to get rid of extra train capacity,” Rosenius says.


Picture: Skandal Technologies. Qasr Al Hokm Downtown Metro Station in Riyadh is using a solution by POET Ambient Communication to steer the passenger flow in a space. The lights facilitate efficient use of space and create a laid-back atmosphere.

”We are eager to test concepts that have potential of scaling up into larger projects,” establishes Rytkönen. ”In addition to We Land, we have the user experience design for the Fredriksberg office building in Vallila in the pipeline with the technology partners.”

Eelis Rytkönen and Antti Pitkänen will present the Urban Sense concept at RecoTech which is a partnering event to be held at the Train Factory on 20 November 2019. Tapio Rosenius will take the floor at the event introducing the Ambient Communication solution by Skandal Technologies that allows to steer public behaviour in different built environments.

Eelis Rytkönen and Antti Pitkänen: It makes total urban sense, doesn’t it?

Tapio Rosenius: Ambient communication for real-time environments

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